Digital Transformation Inside Out with DNV GL

Fear of losing your job due to digital transformation or robotisation?

We are often faced with the unpredictable outcome due to uncertainty in our lives, but the recent digitalisation of almost everything concluded that we have seen that our daily routine may be affected by various digital changes. The industrial impact is significantly huge for oil & gas, maritime and energy system. What was being taught in school previously (some say 30 years ago) may not be relevant to what the industry is demanding. Our insights of many paths which we have planned for our career has soon lost hope especially climbing the corporate ladder in these industries.

Digitalisation is not a scary word nor could it threaten you in any way that is beyond your imagination, they are main steps which men created to provide more comfort and efficiency to our current work situation. Have seen through many historical insights dated probably in the past century, we have many data of how vessels have operated around the world. With all these historical data collected in many universities around the world, one seems to be not too sure about the how to process the information holistically to perfect the industry situation in many aspects including risk management for the industry. We must see the opportunities that were given, and studied by many men in the industry for over the past century to provide significant insights especially through worldwide known happens (including the story of Titanic). The move of such data collection allows us to be always ready for adversity if they ever to become real in our today’s world.

A story of digital transformation has already given us first-hand experience of how we can constantly adapt to changes and our vision to create a better future. We can always look back on the first Nokia 3310 in our lives and how digital transformation enabled us as individuals to get used to the Samsung or Apple smartphones, even making digital payments through our applications made us look up to date to the latest trends and competence. Hence, we are ready to adapt to digital change in a large extent, don’t we?

Be part of the cause and not the effect of digital change!

We are constantly being treated with force to learn and adapt to new technology as well as seemingly needing higher skill requirements in our job. This is the cause of digital transformation, there will be many risks involved through the learning stage and this is all business-as-usually kind of activities to help employees go through digital change. We are constantly challenged because the industry to try to keep up with effects on economic change and this is inevitable due to many factors like consumption, investment, government interventions, and trade. Companies are using more technology to replace workers because of skills not being met at a certain stage of the digital transformation. Hence, there are many ways which we as individuals could commit to restructuring our career paths along the way.

Be early in adopting digital transformation

One of the keys to succeeding in this digital change era will be the willingness to adopt new skills which are relevant to your industry. Many ways of upgrading your skills, it can be self-taught, classroom lessons, webinars, seminars and academic institutions. These are resources which are available freely and usually cost us less than what we think. The idea here is to compete for something which has yet to happen instead of waiting for it to become an effect of our lives.

DNV GL and our story in digital change

Being one of the World’s leading certification body, DNV GL is constantly finding new means of helping both internal and external stakeholders in realising the importance of digital transformation. A team of risk management experts is constantly working out new ways of surveying ships and vessels, using blockchain technology in certification business to ensure the quality of our client’s product as well as introducing new risk management solutions to help our clients in their operational work. Our story of change has just gained much traction especially during tough economic times for our clients in various industries. We are able to help them channel their resources efficiently as well as help their employees be trained with such technological competencies in their own industries.

How can DNV GL help?

We are constantly providing new means of technological improvements in our certification business. Learn how you can be part of this evolution together with DNV GL today! Speak to one of our consultants and see how we can help!

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