Increasing supply chain assurance visibility at the Sedex conference

The Sedex conference in London in March provided a great arena to discuss latest developments within supply chain management and digital assurance with leading brands and players.

DNV GL sponsored the event and held two breakout-sessions during the conference on changing supply chains and My Story.

“We also had a prominently positioned and well-visited stand. Combined, this provided a showcase to the market within the social audit domain, increasing DNV GL’s recognition by brands and retailers, a first key step to build a significant portfolio,” says Antonio Astone, Global Sustainability Manager, Business Assurance.

Supply Chain Assurance is 1 of the 4 global Business Assurance tactical initiatives in 2018 with the objective to build new assurance roles and service offerings. Establishing a social audit portfolio is one part of this.

Driving trends and digital assurance

Business Assurance’s Global Director for M&A and Digital Transformation, Renato Grottola presented how digital transformation is reshaping supply chains, starting from the recent ViewPoint survey on “Is your supply chain fit for the future”.

Says Antonio Astone, “Supply chains are undergoing a radical transformation driven by both external and internal market drivers. The result is a move from tiers to peers, where instead of linear supply chains with clearly defined tiers or levels the future supply chains will be a network of peers with a digital core and where the consumer holds even more power.”

Following the My Story launch during the GFSI conference in Tokyo the week before, Alberto Sartori, senior consultant in supply chain management, was asked to present My Story and participate in a panel discussion about technology innovation in sustainable sourcing. Alberto Sartori comments:

“The speaking opportunities and overall participation at the conference allowed us to portray our leading role in helping customers adapt to the changing nature of supply chains. When they are no longer a linear process, but a network of transactions, this is posing new challenges for companies. Our digital assurance concept, combining industry and audit expertise with digital enablers, such as blockchain, sensor technology and platforms such as Veracity, for example, is already enabling us to take a leading role to help companies address supply chain risks more effectively, efficiently and sustainably.”

ViewPoint survey value

Great interest at the conference was paid to the lastest ViewPoint customer panel survey, “Is your supply chain fit for the future”. The survey released in February was developed with support from Sedex.

“DNV GL was the only one to provide this kind of insight material at the booth. The report proved to be an excellent conversation starter,” says Antonio Astone. “Our prominent presence at the conference allowed us to network with major brands and retailers commissioning social audits, as well as strengthening our relation with Sedex. I dare say that our presence and presentations enhanced our reputation as an innovator in technology toward this customer segment.”

Beyond compliance

This year’s Sedex conference focused on what’s beyond compliance in responsible sourcing. The Sedex Conference is the organization’s largest annual gathering, bringing together hundreds of participants from across the globe to meet face-to-face, share ideas and learn about the issues that matter to responsible businesses.

“We will continue to use opportunities to increase our visibility within supply chain assurance. The next event focusing on social audits will be at the Sedex China Responsible Supply Chain conference 2018 in Guangzhou in May,” adds Astone.

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