ISRS Celebrates 40 Years

In 1978, Safety Management pioneer and industry legend Frank E. Bird Jr founded ISRS – International Sustainability Rating System, a revolutionary methodology that promotes loss control management for organizations around the world. Since then, DNV GL has worked closely with Frank Bird and carried on his legacy with our aligned expertise.

ISRS provides hundreds of companies in the oil & gas sector and other industries with a ranking of their business processes, based on 10 areas of Quality, Health, Safety & Environment, which can be compared to other companies’ rankings internationally.

Celebrating its 40th Anniversary with a bang, ISRS will be releasing its 9th Edition major update with its very own party in Amsterdam on 11 – 12 April. The ISRS Conference in Amsterdam is an opportunity to listen to first-hand accounts of real-life organizations implementing safety and sustainability management systems, their challenges and original solutions.

ISRS Conference 2019 is open to customers. If you would like an invite, simply contact your friendly DNV GL representative or click the button below.

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