What is ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems?

What is ISO: 9001?

It is a standard that features the attributes for an organization to maintain the quality standard procedure of the company. ISO 9001 gives an internationally accepted certificate that shows the efficiency of a company. The certificate can be publicly displayed to give your customers confidence in your organization. The outlines of ISO 9001 will help fulfill any business’ customer experience while complying with any governmental regulatory requirements. There are generic ways for implementing ISO 9001, and the Quality Management System (QMS) can also be customized according to the business or department to improve further on productivity.

Increase your productivity with ISO 9001

An organization without guidelines will lead to losses. These losses will include loss of profit, loss of integrity, reduction in productivity and no objective. The point here that it is important for you to have guidelines in an organization whether you are a one-person-organization or a large corporation. However, the question you should ask is, how do you set up your company’s guidelines? There are many ways to do it, but to save you time, there are guidelines that have been made and it is internationally used by small to big corporations alike known as ISO 9001.

Who can apply ISO 9001?

We have highlighted that whether you are a small business or large corporation, ISO 9001 can help any level of organization with its quality standard. Any type of business is applicable to apply for the certification. From the food industry, services providing industry to the manufacturing industry, ISO9001 can be tailored according to the needs of the business. There are also other standards that are based on the ISO 9001 for their specific industry which we will cover in other articles to help you understand each standard in detail. For now, ISO 9001 is the main quality standard that is used world wide and can be implemented by any level of business within their respective industry.

Who does the audit so you can be certified?

This certification is for an entire organization and not to any single person/department within the business. Engaging an accredited Quality Management auditing company like DNV GL can help you understand the level of improvement that can be made to meet regulatory standards. If you would like to be an auditor and be certified as an ISO 9001 Certified Lead Auditor, you may enroll in our 5 days Lead Auditor Course to gain the knowledge and skills required for organizing and leading an effective Quality Management System(QMS) audit. This will also certify you to audit any other company. Let us DNV GL focus on helping your organization improve this Quality Management System so that your business can operate more effectively.

ISO 9001 is not a community or a group that you can join, it is a guideline that an organization must comply to meet the governmental or regulatory requirements in accordance with the Quality Management System. Once you’ve complied with the standard, then a certification body like DNV GL will be able to give a certification of ISO 9001 which you can publicise.

Will your product standard increase?

No, the ISO certification does not increase the quality of your products but will improve the quality of the process involved in the manufacturing of your product. ISO 9001 certification does not correspond to the quality of any product or service but will ensure that the quality of the process of making the product is up to standard. However, an improvement in the process will result in the consistency of your product quality which will lead to an improvement in overall customer experience.

What happens after you are ISO 9001 certified?

It shows that your organization has met with all the standards in accordance to the ISO 9001 and your organization has undergone an evaluation process for the Quality Management System (QMS) to effectively manage all the different business processes within your organization. It will also help your company to evaluate and monitor processes that slow down your productivity and the relevant risks that you can avoid. ISO 9001 will also allow you to foresee any opportunity that you can improve in. There will a yearly audit that a company can do just to make sure everything is in check. Productivity will improve as well, and documentation of your company will be in check. Internally, your organization will benefit from increased job satisfaction, improved morale, and improved operational results.

Now, should you be certified with ISO 9001?

Yes, there are benefits to being certified with the ISO 9001. The current version for this standard is ISO 9001:2015, and this standard will always go through improvements as industries are constantly changing their respective processes. With this, the certification can be held for a three-year period until it needs to be evaluated.

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