Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (3 days)

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Days: 3
Price (SGD) (excl. GST): 3750


Corporate Responsibility / Sustainability Training

Operate in a sustainable way – Find out how.
Sustainability is high on the agenda for many businesses and there’s a pressing need for a solid corporate responsibility programme, which addresses stakeholder expectations. Transparency with respect to environmental, social and economic performance is essential to your organisation.

Corporate Social Responsbility & Sustainability
Operating in a sustainable way is a challenge for us all. Business is gradually waking up, not only to the profound contribution it has on our planet and society, but also to the immense power and responsibility it holds to alleviate negative impacts and even stimulate positive change.
Stay ahead of the curve and keep abreast of new trends by attending our flagship Corporate

Responsibility Training. Attend part or all of this interactive, five-day course with sustainability professionals from across industries, learning about current practices and debating the intricacies of corporate responsibility. Delivered by sustainability experts, this vibrant course brings to life the myriad concepts within the umbrella of sustainability, spurring innovation, collaboration and cross-learning.

Who Should Attend
Providing the best-possible grounding in key aspects of corporate responsibility and sustainability management, this course is suitable for:

  • Corporate responsibility and sustainability professionals
  • Communications and PR professionals
  • Academics
  • Consultants
  • Procurement professionals / buyers
  • Auditors
  • HR / Training Managers

Corporate Responsibility Training
Sustainability Suite

Course Modules

A: The Fundamentals of Sustainability
Delivered by sustainability experts, this interactive one-day course on the fundamentals of sustainability explores the meaning of sustainability, its background, and the business case for making it a priority, using real world examples and dynamic group exercises. Find out all you need to know about best practice in corporate responsibility and sustainability, and keep abreast of emerging trends and hot topics. Understand the relationship between sustainability, corporate responsibility and accountability and dive into the leading sustainability guidelines: your toolkit for effective sustainability management.

B: Stakeholder Engagement
Delivered by experts in stakeholder engagement, our highly interactive one-day course will help you see your company through your stakeholders’ eyes. Explore the different approaches to effective and meaningful stakeholder engagement, and develop an understanding of the risks and benefits associated with engaging on key sustainability challenges. Through a series of exercises, you will use real-word examples to discover the link between stakeholder engagement and business success.

C: Masterclass in Sustainability Reporting
Learn from the leaders at our one-day masterclass in sustainability reporting. With our expert insight, and through a series of engaging exercises, you’ll become familiar with the main reporting standards and guidelines, including the newly released GRI G4 guidelines and the Integrated Reporting Framework. Find out all you need to know about conducting a materiality assessment, and explore the effectiveness of leading companies’ reports. You’ll leave with the tools and knowledge required to tell your story in an engaging, credible and authentic way.

D: Independent Assurance
But there’s a lot more to assurance than the statement printed at the back of a report. Delivered by expert sustainability assurors, this two-day course shines a spotlight on the benefits and principles underlying sustainability assurance. Why do leading companies increasingly look to their assurors’ recommendations to help drive performance improvements and evolve their sustainability strategies? Through a series of engaging workshops you will discover how to maximise the value of your assurance process, and you will collaborate with peers to navigate the various different standards, levels and types of assurance.

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