ISO 50001 Internal Auditor

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Days: 2
Price (SGD) (excl. GST): 1100

ISO 50001


Energy Management System Internal Auditor Course

Conduct effective internal audits and optimize your energy performance.
The ISO 50001:2011 is presently the world’s leading Energy Management System standard that is increasingly being adapted by many companies internationally. The standard requires organizations to establish systems and processes necessary for legal compliance and continual improvement of its energy performance, including energy efficiency, use and consumption – key performance indicators of an effective energy management system.

EnMS Internal Auditor Course
This 2-day course is intended to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to review and assess the adequacy and effective implementation of the systems and processes established and the performance of an energy management system. Effectively carried out, internal audits are also a means to identify opportunities for improving energy performance.

To enhance the skills of the participants in preparation for the complexity of an ISO 50001:2011 internal audit, DNV GL – Business Assurance has designed the Internal Auditor Course such that it focuses on auditing skills (one of the critical success factors) for delegates in the energy field.

Who should attend?
Organisations that has implemented ISO 50001 EnMS or is in the process of building capacity and competence in preparation for its implementation will benefit by sending their personnel to attend this course.

  • Environmental / Energy Managers / Auditors / Internal Auditors
  • Energy Management Representatives
  • Executives tasked with preparing for ISO 50001:2011
  • Professionals looking to enter the energy management market

Course Contents
The course explains the different stages when auditing an energy management system. Participants learn the requirements of the standard as well as the internal audit process, including topics such as:

  • Energy reviews and security
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Risk management in relation to energy
  • Initiate, plan and conduct an internal audit
  • Report audit findings with impact to management

Course Objectives
This training course is highly interactive with extensive participant involvement for effective learning. The focus is to give participants a detailed understanding of key parameters for assessing critical elements of the EnMS during review. Case-studies integrating theory and practice are also frequently slotted during this programme to highlight core concepts of:

  • What is an Energy Management System
  • Purpose and benefits of an energy management system
  • Purpose and structure of ISO 50001 and how it contributes to improving business effectiveness,
  • Each of the standard’s requirements and expectations on an organization during implementation
  • The audit protocol for ISO 50001:2011; role of internal audits and responsibilities of internal auditor

How can you register?
You can register online or contact your local DNV GL office for more details and information.

ISO 50001
Energy Management System
(2-day Internal Auditor Course)

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