Energy Management System – ISO 50001

Energy Management System – ISO 50001

With the world becoming environmentally conscious due to climate change, businesses have had to respond to the challenges of improving their environmental impact. Efficient environmental and energy management of any business have become strictly regulated by governmental agencies to ensure minimal environmental impact whilst maintaining energy efficiency.

Our Course

The effective management of energy within an organization not only decreases cost of operations but also reduces environmental impact. Our ISO 50001 course provides your organization with effective methods to implement and audit your organization’s Energy Management Systems to comply with the governmental regulations.

We provide a range of courses from introductory to advance auditing courses that will enable your staff to effectively implement and audit the energy performance of your business based on ISO 50001 standards.

We are where you are

Our local team of certified trainers are available to provide training onsite or at our local training facilities. Equipped with local market knowledge, they’ll apply the internationally proven concept of ISO combined with local knowledge to help your business comply and adapt to the international standards.