New ISO 45001:2018 and Digitalisation of Occupational Health & Safety Management Seminar

ISO 45001:2018 is now published, you can transit from your existing OSHAS 18001 today!

DNV GL has obtained the actual standard by CQI-IRCA on 12th March 2018. From now onwards, DNV GL business assurance is able to help you with your migration to the new ISO 45001:2018. This standard has new clauses which can be learned at our public run training courses available here. We have recently conducted an ISO 45001 seminar which attracts a lot of delegates who are from various industries including maritime, oil and gas, energy as well as construction.

Delegates are here to learn about the new standards and the changes from OSHSAS 18001. The clauses are being explained by our Principal Trainer, Mr Albert Phua, who share insights on how the new standard will affect the existing standard. Case studies which can be learned on our ISO 45001 training programmes are also shared during this seminar. The core changes can be found on our website here. Our participants have also informed the clause structure based on HLS where ISO 45001 specifics are being added.

Most importantly, our seminar also emphasizes on recommended steps for migrating to ISO 45001 especially with equipping the existing auditors or lead auditors in an organisation with the necessary knowledge. Furthermore, DNV GL do support through gap analysis for certification requirements to help organisation who are unsure of whether their existing OSHAS 18001 standard to meet the new ISO 45001 requirements. Nonetheless, DNV GL Business Assurance does assure all transfer of certification to be hassle-free.

For more information on what was being shared during the seminar, you may download here for free.

If you have any question about migrating or obtaining an ISO 45001 standard for your organisation, do contact us here.

For ISO 45001:2018 Lead Auditor / Auditor / Internal Auditor / Migration / Foundation course, do register here.

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